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Hie, my name is Hemerson Paranaguá, I'm 27 years old. I'm Brazilian, currently living in Wroclaw Poland. Don't ask me why Poland?? I don't know the answer actually, life and the universe brought me here. This is a different culture and very hard language, but  I'm enjoying the opportunity. 

I'm a lover of the art of photography and makeup. I really like to make people really happy, so is very easy to see me smiling or spreading some jokes.

I speak English, Spanish and I'm "trying" to learn a little Polish, but is kind of difficult as I'm not training. 

I find it annoying to describe myself, since you do not know a person in just one text, you can even get information, but knowing it really takes time and dedication.

My photographic style is based on what inspires me. I have some references, friends, artists, magazines. I always enjoyed people's behaviors, maybe trying to identify little stories in each moment.

The makeup, came through a complement for photography, although for me to get good at what I do I trained a lot and a lot. I always tell my students that if they arrived at 02:00 am, they would find me with one eye of each color. Because I really dedicated myself to my learning. I LOVE to learn new things, it always a pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed the brief release of my life.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message.

You also can find me on my social media. 

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Thanks for visiting my website.
Best Regards,

Hemerson Paranaguá