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Professional Business Portrait

A quality portrait will increase and reinforce your brand!

Whether you are self-employed, looking for a  career change, a student looking to enter the business life, or want to raise your profile in your existing workplace, paying attention to your brand is critical.

professional portrait is one of the most effective ways to improve your image on  LinkedIn, as well as other social media accounts.

A corporate portrait plays a critical role in the company and personal branding. A good professional profile portrays trust and influences a client's decision to invest in your work or company.

The goal of a corporate portrait is to produce a professional, clean photo in soft light, a simple background that doesn't draw too much attention, and a pose that conveys the best version of you as a professional.

People hire people | 
People will do business with you, not your company. Although you have a good business, a bad presentation will cause you to lose customers. A quality corporate portrait is priceless, it projects a very powerful positive message to your customer, which increases the perceived value of your business.



Q: Where is the studio located?
A: Currently is located in my house, located in Wroclaw, Poland. The address is disclosed after the scheduling is confirmed.

Q: Working hours?
A: From Tuesday-Friday (18:00 – 21:00) and Saturday (10:00 – 18:00)

Q: I would like to take a picture as this reference.
A: If you already have a certain website style and would like to replicate it, please let me know :), so I can prepare and check if it’s possible with my equipment. On the other hand, if you're not quite sure on what background/style of the headshots you want to go with, you can always browse through our website or ask us and we will guide and help you to make the final decision.

Q: Do you take pictures in another city?
A: Yes, if we organize correctly (all the transport coast will be included in the package).


Q: How much is a business portrait session?
A: Currently I have 3 packages, Portrait #1 (PLN 150), Portrait #2 (PLN 250), and Photoshoot (PLN 450).

Q: How long will the session take?
A: Portrait #1 (30 minutes), Portrait #2 (2 hours), and Photoshoot (3 hours).

Q: How is the payment method?
A: Once the scheduling is confirmed I will share my bank account or the payment can be via Blik.

Q: I need to reschedule. How can I do that? Or If I cancel the session is the payment refundable?
A: I understand that sometimes you might need to reschedule or cancel the session. Rescheduling a session is allowed 2 times in accordance with my business policy. I require 48-hours notice to reschedule a session. The payment is kept if you don’t show up after your 2nd rescheduling. Canceling the session, is also requires 48-hours notice and the payment is refundable, if canceling was not submitted in 48-hours, 60% of the payment is refundable.


Q: What should I wear? How can I prepare for my business portrait/headshot session?
A: Bring your clothes so that your identity is highlighted authentically. I don't recommend wearing baggy, bulky-fitting clothing and bright colors. Pay attention to such details as corporate branded accessories, tie and so on, remember those big accessories because these elements may take attention away from your face and be distracting in all compositions.

Q: Do you have business clothes?
A: Yes, I have some suits available for you.

Q: How many outfit changes am I allowed?
A: It depends on which session option you choose. Portrait #1 (2), Portrait #2 (2), and Photoshoot (3).

Q: Do you do makeup?
A: Yes, I'm a makeup artist, the service is included in the package Portrait #2 and Photoshoot.

Q: Can I bring another makeup artist?
A: If you want to hire a professional makeup artist, I have a makeup corner here for the makeup and lamp (material is not included).

Q: Do you style hair?
A: I can do a waves hair (extra fee in PLN 50), but remember I'm not qualified as a hair artist.

Q: Can I see the pictures in the session?
A: Of course, I want you to feel the most comfortable as possible and with that my connect camera  is connected to the monitor and you will be able to see all the photos in real-time to make sure that you got the picture you like.


Q: How many pictures am I going to receive?
A: The number of pictures is according to the package selected. Extra pictures cost PLN 50.

Q: How do I choose the pictures?
A: After the photo shoot, you will have a proofing gallery with unedited pictures in low quality. You will be able to select your favorite pictures. Once they are selected I will receive an e-mail to start editing.

Q: What is the photo editing process.
A: My retouching services include making any necessary adjustments to skin texture, removing any imperfections, adding brightness to teeth, hair editing, outfit adjustments, background corrections. I don't work with unrealistic changes.

Q: How soon will the final photo be ready?
A: Delivery time will vary depending on the service requested, from 5 to 10 business days after choosing your favorite pictures in the system.

Q: How am I going to receive the pictures?
A: The photos are sent via Google Drive and you will have 30 days access to it.

Q: My image usage.
A: When submitting your photos I also send a form to be signed, inside of this form are agreements where I can use your image for my marketing purposes or for promoting my work. But if you do not agree to publish your photos - please let me know when booking.

Q: Can I buy the raw/unedited image?
A:  Unfortunately, no, I want to provide the best quality for my client, and raw and unedited images always have to pass through software first and this great quality will be edited on your selected ones.

Q: Can I get my images printed?
A: Yes, I can order external prints. It may vary the price from time to time, please consult the updated values.



  • Try to avoid big jewelry or anything that will distract from the photo composition.
  • Try to wear a classic cut blouse or shirt.
  • Layering always adds a nice dimension to the photo but is not necessary


  • Try to wear layers, only wear a tie if that suits the work that you do or the work you aspire to do.
  • Wear a suit and tie if that suits the work you do and reflects you best.
  • But don’t be afraid to have an open shirt with a blazer.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed and fit well.

    If you still have doubts, questions or need consultations, write an e-mail: contato@hemersonparanagua.com