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Rownyeon Makeup Brush Bag | Unboxing and Review

 Hello, there it's me again :) 

In today‘s episode, we are talking about a brush bag for a professional makeup artist or case if you have several brushes that you would like to organize. I've been looking for a bag to insert all my brushes and leave them comfortably and also a place that I could store all of them. 

Unfortunately, the word all is too much big to put in one case so I will select my favorite ones to put here. 

The images below are from the day that I recorded the video. In case if you like to have an idea updated, check out my Instagram @HemersonParanagua. 

So I bought the bag from this seller on Amazon but you can also find bags in Aliexpress searching for Rownyeon. I bought it on Amazon because it was faster to be delivered and usually in Aliexpress takes 15-25 days and I didn't have time. 

On a scale from 0-10, I will give it an 8 because I think the leather quality could be better (even fake ones). For the rest of the aspects and tests, I have to wait and test on the daily basis, so maybe in the future I will return here and add some information :)

Please watch the video.

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